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Subsurface Profiling

Dramatically improve your conceptual site model (CSM)

Using FLUTe ™ liners, MIP, HPT and other direct imaging tools will improve your conceptual site model (CSM) positively.

Matrix Drilling can undertake subsurface profiling and install a range of FLUTe liner products for you.

Subsurface Profiling

What are FLUTe liners?

FLUTe liners are flexible sleeves of impermeable nylon fabric that are closed on one side. These liners can be installed through sonic casing and direct push and in bedrock by eversion in open boreholes.

Benefits of flute liners

FLUTe liners can:

• provide a continuous seal of a borehole or pipe, and prevent migration of formation fluids through the open hole – no sealing grouts or bentonite seals are needed

• carry many useful devices such as tubing, instruments, absorbers, reactive covers, etc. into place in the borehole while maintaining a continuous seal of the borehole

• map borehole transmissivity while displacing the borehole water

• support the borehole wall against collapse

• propagate through tortuous passages of varying diameters inaccessible to rigid piping or push rods

• tow geophysical sondes of many kinds along the interior of the borehole while supporting the borehole to prevent it collapsing onto the sonde

• be removed by inversion without the liner touching any other portion of the borehole wall

• be fabricated in many different diameters and materials for a wide range of applications.

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