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Environmental Drilling

Experts In Environmental Drilling

Matrix Drilling are experts in environmental drilling. We have the equipment and experience to get your environmental drilling job done safely, efficiently, on time and on budget.

Matrix Drilling operates a fleet of direct push, rotary air/mud and auger drilling rigs of all sizes including low access, rubber track and wheeled equipment for environmental drilling services. We conduct soil and groundwater sampling, install soil vapour bores, and can perform in-situ remediation injection with direct push. We also have over water barge drilling experience with auger, probe and rotary rigs.

Geotechnical Drilling


Our highly trained crews place a strong emphasis on safety and quality. We always have a third crew person available for projects that require specialised equipment or methodologies with higher than usual manual handling (e.g. hollow auger drilling, large diameter wells etc.). This third person is typically responsible for organising the site – e.g. preparing soil samples, decontaminating tools, preparing installation materials and cleaning up while the rig and operators move to the next location. This results in a significant boost to efficiency and productivity that our customers value.

What is environmental Drilling?

Environmental drilling is an effective and widely used way of monitoring the ground underneath most work sites.

The purpose of environmental drilling is to examine soil and groundwater samples from multiple areas underground, and ensure there is no contaminants.

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