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Insitu shear vane and piston sampling

Matrix Drilling can help you with your testing needs. We adapt a piston sampling method.

This method of testing is used for undisturbed sampling of soft to firm cohesive soils, sediments and fine-grained tailings.
Usually, it is used for sampling for laboratory strength and compressibility testing.


  • Detailled field investigation of undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft and medium stiff clays.
  • From 0-30 metres by hand jack, even through hard layers of clay, sand and silt.
  • Two vane sizes. Measurement range from 0 – 60kPa and 0 – 100kPa.
  • Top level accuracy results, can be used for earth fill foundations and embankments.


  • For undisturbed samples in very soft to stiff clays
  • Stationary piston to avoid disturbances in overpressuredor very soft or loose soils
  • Appropriate for sampling above and below ground waterlevel, at 0 to 30 m depth
  • Combination use: Extension rods and tubes of the Geonorvane instrument H-10
  • Can be used with most pushers, penetrometers

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